The Explorer Story of King Zulkarnain

King Zulkarnainwas a famous king. He was known as Iskandar Zulkarnain. He was famous not only because his valor and courage, but also because he has good mind and good character. He was a pious person. His religion was taught by the prophet Ibrahim.

Zulkarnain had conquered most of the regions in the world, such as Greek, Europe, Persian, Africa even to Asia. Every region where he has had conquered, he always establish and prosper it.

Once a upon a time, King Zulkarnain visited to the west region where the societies have bad manner. Allah SWT asked him to remember them.

Then, King Zulkarnain continued his journey to the east region where the societies do not have cloth. When he arrived at a place where is flanked 2 mountains, he met with the societies that could not understand King Zulkarnain language.

With his minister’s help, he could talked to them.. “Dear King, Ya’juj and Ma’juj disturb us! We will thank to you if you can protect us from them,” they said. Then, King Zulkarnain with them made a fortress of iron pieces. Iron pieces were stacked in the gap between the two sides of the mountain.

The iron was burned into a hot liquid. Then, liquid copper is poured into smolten iron. So, a strong fortress was established. The societies of that city was safe from Ya’juj and Ma’juj.

After Ya’juj and Ma’juj had expelled, King Zulkarnain remembered to the people in that region about the coming of doomsday and then they expressed faith in Allah SWT.

-translated from Republika 14/08/2011-


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