The House of Pitung in Marunda (Rumah Si Pitung di Marunda)

Pitung is a Betawi hero. Betawi is a tribe in Indonesia. The house of Pitung is a place where he did burglary action. People say it the house of Robinhood from Betawi. That is his title. He was born and grew up in Rawa Belong, West Jakarta. In this area, he learnt martial arts. He learnt it from  Haji Naipan. He is a swordsman. One of martial arts that Pitung learnt called Rawa Rontek. It was combined between islamic tarekat and jampe-jampe Betawi. With this martial arts, he can absorb his friends’ energy.

For Betawi people, Pitung was their pride.  This because he can do a lot of rebellion and unrest that made colonial fears. At that time, many homes in coastal area were stage house so that when high tides are not submerge.

When Pitung was in teenage (16-17 years old), his parents asked him to sell goats in Tanah Abang market. From his house in Rawa Belong, he brought five goats with cart. When his wares was empty and he would went home, he was hailed by market gangster. From that time, he afraid to go home. He learnt his martial arts deeply, specially his punch. After that, he did ngumbara or a journey to test his martial arts in hideous place. Some say, so magic Pitung until his opponent cannot see his existence. From folklore, Pitung should not married. Because, until he died he still single. Why some people call him ‘Robinhood Betawi’? Eventhough he not same with Robinhood from Shedrwood forest, but they have same behavior. They always helped oppressed people, though crime from VOC and extortionist landlords.

-written by Alwi Shahab (Republika/June 6, 2001/Monday) in Bandar Jakarta page 21-


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